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The Lingering Effects of Fire Damage in Your Atlanta Home

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Even a small house fire can leave lingering effects requiring professional restoration services.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Return Your Home to its Pre-Loss Condition

Your Atlanta home might not be devastated by the recent fire, but there are still going to be lingering symptoms that make it difficult to live comfortably. With so many things that could hinder your family from moving on from the panic and trauma of the event, professional restoration services become the most expedient and efficient method for resolving the damage quickly and thoroughly. 

When SERVPRO claims to be “Faster to any size disaster,” that is not just a catchphrase used to draw attention. It is a commitment to your Atlanta home’s fire damage and any other need for restorative services that you might have. Our team can walk you through the damage and each step of the total restoration process until every affected aspect of your home gets successfully returned to preloss conditions. 

With even smaller fires, smoke and soot damages are a typical lingering effect. While this might often affect the walls, floors and ceilings of the rooms that experienced the blaze, correcting this problem is often more involved than simple cleaning measures can achieve. Depending on the severity of the present soot and smoke damages, our SERVPRO professionals have the equipment to scrub affected surfaces with a wet solution and without one. This penetrating scrubber can often successfully remove the soot and restore the damage, but more severely damaged areas might only be readied for priming and painting to complete. The same equipment gets used for the contents of your home that have gotten impacted by the smoke and soot as well, such as furniture, carpeting, drapery, and more. 

When people think of fires they might have experienced in their homes in the past, the one thing that people tend to remember is the lingering scent. The noxious odor can make it difficult to stay in your home at all, let alone pass through affected areas. Foggers can get used by our SERVPRO team to alter foul odor molecules and neutralize them on contact chemically. The process leaves no scent in the air after completion and is also effective for fabrics and contents in your home. 

Even a small fire in your home is a big deal to you and your family. Trust our SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown team to help you restore the damage and live comfortably in your house once again. You can reach our experienced emergency response team anytime by calling (404) 835-0200.

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Cleaning Mold Damage from Atlanta Homes

2/6/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's first step is to locate the mold and its source, this step helps us to determine the necessary cleaning methods to use.

SERVPRO’s Steps to Remediating Mold Damage in Your Home

Flooding or other water damage to an Atlanta home can also lead to mold problems. It only takes a small cluster, no bigger than a pinhead, to begin growing and turn into a threat to property and personal health.

The smell is how most people first notice Atlanta mold damage. Active mold growth has a distinctive musty odor that few people can mistake. SERVPRO technicians know that is not the best way to detect it, since not every mold gives off this odor and if a homeowner does detect it, that means mold may already be a threat. To eliminate it from homes, we clean and dry everything that has mold but is salvageable, dispose of items we cannot clean, and dry everything that does not have mold but is still at risk.

To begin cleaning, we first have to find the mold. Technicians can do this with air content meters to follow airborne mold spores and visual inspections of likely spaces such as under sinks, laundry rooms, crawlspaces, and basements. Both methods of detection also help us determine which cleaning methods to use.

Next, we isolate the mold. Depending on where we find it, SERVPRO response team members block all access with plastic sheeting and use fans to create negative air pressure and force airborne and other loose spores out of the home. If necessary, we also seal off the heating and air vents to prevent accidentally contaminating unaffected areas of the home.

Now, we can clean. Technicians start by wiping down affected surfaces with dry sponges and cloths. Unless the mold layer is very thick, this removes the majority of it. If the cloths and sponges cannot remove it, we bring in vacuums with HEPA filters. These are specially designed to capture mold spores.

If there is an excessive amount of moisture present, we need to break up clumps of mold. Team members can do this with an anti-fungal cleaning agent and then use wet sponges to remove the mold. If needed, we can also use vacuums with the HEPA filters to remove wet mold as easily as the dry spores.

When none of these methods work, we have to dispose of the property. Everything we remove from the home is according to state and EPA regulations.

If the inside humidity is too high, we can use dehumidifiers and air movers to reduce the air moisture content. These devices help us dry not just the structure, but also remove moisture from personal property as well. Lowering the humidity to normal levels is the most effective method to prevent future mold growth.

Returning your home to its original state is not a simple task, but SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown is here to help you through each step. Call us today at (404) 835-0200 to get started.

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Sewer Back Ups Can Create Substantial Water Damage in Your Atlanta Home

1/26/2018 (Permalink)

When a sewer backup causes damage to your home you can rely on SERVPRO to quickly and safely restore the affected areas.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Home Safely after a Sewer Backup

Every homeowner can likely express their gratitude for having indoor septic plumbing for their house. While these systems can go for years without the slightest hint of trouble, they are by no means impervious to damage and malfunctions. Most homeowners do not fully appreciate the fragile nature of the necessary flow of the pipes leading out to your area’s main sewer lines or septic system for older homes throughout the region. When this avenue of discharge becomes blocked or plugged off, you can end up with quite a mess on your hands.

Sewer backup is one of many scenarios that could cause water damage to your Atlanta home, yet this is not a little restoration that you should undertake on your own. Given the condition of the water pouring over the sides of your toilet, traditional cleaning efforts might only scratch the surface of what needs to happen to restore the damage. When you become faced with an emergency situation like this one, you should know whom to call to get the job done quickly and correctly.

This kind of situation is not one that you can afford to wait around with, as it will only inevitably get worse the longer that it is allowed to go unrepaired. Our SERVPRO restoration specialists have the right PPE (personal protective equipment) and equipment to handle all kinds of hazardous waste and help to efficiently remove any excess water from the area using wet vacs and portable pumps.

Drying efforts consist of using air movers concentrated on the presence of remaining moisture in the area. This equipment continues to dry out the affected area until all of the moisture and wetness have gotten evaporated.

Since deodorizing and disinfection plays a critical role in officially restoring the affected bathroom and adjacent rooms, our IICRC certified technicians bring ozone machines or deodorizing dense fog machines. This equipment, when used with skill and precision, can neutralize foul scents on a molecular level and remove germs and bacteria that might be present on surfaces touched by the backup.

In an emergency situation, our SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown team can be there quickly to keep the damage from getting worse and work to restore your bathroom and all of the affected regions of your home back to their original conditions. All you have to do is give us a call; we are available anytime at (404) 835-0200.

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Commercial Water Removal In Atlanta

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

In a smaller business like this, there is a tendency to cut corners when it comes to commercial water removal in Atlanta.

Commercial Water Removal

The weather in Atlanta is OK now, but as most business owners know, most of their flooding and other water issues come from broken toilets or split water lines in the breakroom. Even in an innocuous setting like a dental office all of it should be handled by a professional service.

In a smaller business like this, there is a tendency to cut corners when it comes to commercial water removal in Atlanta. The thought is to spend money on a licensed plumber, but rent a shampoo machine and a water-vac from the nearest big box store to clean up the mess. At SERVPRO, we know from more than twenty years of experience that this is never a good idea.

Even the best rental equipment cannot match the commercial grade machines we bring to each task. We have qualified personnel trained to maintain our equipment on-site and have it ready every time we need it. If we do not have a needed piece of equipment on our shelves, we can get it from another franchise office in our nationwide network.

Take carpets as an example. A water-vac removes most of the water, and they may even feel dry to the touch, but there is always some moisture trapped inside. To thoroughly remove the water and dry them, SERVPRO technicians use pumps, water extraction wands, air movers, and dehumidifiers.

If the water is over two inches, we start with the pumps. Even in a large space with multiple offices, our pumps can finish the job in just a few hours. If it is under two inches, we begin with the extraction wands. Unlike a water-vac, we have multiple settings to adjust the speed and force used. Most of the wands also have a built-in heating element, so we can start to dry the carpets as we finish removing the water trapped inside.

Once we finish with the wands, there is still a small amount of moisture trapped between the carpet layers. Most commercial carpets are glued down, so we use air movers to send war, dry air over the surface. Without the right training to watch the temperature, these devices can soften the glue and cause the carpet to form bubbles. If the air movers are not even an option, we use dehumidifiers exclusively to draw moisture from the carpet and surrounding air to dry them.

Each type of business and building has its special requirements to remove water and reopen the doors to customers. If you need us, call SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown at (404) 835-0200. We are here for you.

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Frozen Pipes Mean Flood Damage In Atlanta

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

Flooded Homes In Atlanta Can Happen from Ice Dams and Frozen Pipes--Call SERVPRO for Help

Atlanta Cold Snaps Can Lead to Flooding in Homes

At a faster rate than northernly areas of the country also hit with recent severe winter storms, properties in Atlanta may experience the trauma of interior flooding due to frozen pipes. Other areas still cope with below zero temperatures, but their familiarity with long periods of below-freezing weather changes building practices to protect pipes. If you are caught with standing water inside your home because of cold temperatures in your southeastern home, we can help.

Plumbing rarely drains completely, and the water left in your Atlanta pipes can freeze, surprising you with flood damage. As the water freezes inside the pipes it expands, and the resultant pressure causes metal or plastic conduit to split and crack and connections to fail. Unless the main is shut off, water continues to flow and pours out of the cracks. Your foundation or crawl space collects the moisture, and you need our professional crews and heavy-duty equipment to remove it and dry out your structure.

Speed is essential to a successful flood damage recovery after pipes burst. Water progressively harms building materials and contents. A quick soaking is usually endurable if the moisture is relatively clean and is dried out thoroughly. SERVPRO crews are skilled at using pumps and extractors to remove the vast majority of flood waters, and then to switch to air movers, dehumidifiers, and sometimes heaters to reduce the moisture that remains soaked into framing, walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures such as carpeting, wallpaper, and cabinets.

Water that stands or saturates structural components and possessions for more than 24 to 48 hours threatens to support the growth of mold. As SERVPRO crews manage your flooding situation, we may pack out stored boxes or furnishings, providing you with an inventory and the chance to decide whether to pursue specialized drying solutions or to discard ruined items. We may offer freeze drying as a resource for wet documents and pictures and help to launder and dry clean waterlogged clothing, linens, and other items.

All our services are accomplished as swiftly as possible to give your belongings and home’s structure the best chance to become restored “Like it never even happened.” It also disrupts your and your family’s life minimally as well. We work to have the damaged pipes repaired fast, too, as failing to do so results in another flood. Throughout the restoration process, SERVPRO is in constant contact with your insurance company to make sure your out of pocket costs are limited, as we assist you with your claims process.

SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown trains to respond successfully to flooding events, no matter what the cause of the disaster. Contact us at (404) 835-0200. Our experienced managers look forward to planning for your total restoration.

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Staying Vigilant for Mold Damage in Atlanta in 2018

12/31/2017 (Permalink)

When you see or smell mold in your home, it is time to call the specialists at SERVPRO to come out and investigate the cause. It is best to call fast

Our Technicians Remediate Mold Damage As Well As Offer Helpful Preventative Tips

As we head into a new year, many observant and careful homeowners across Georgia may be reevaluating their finances and committing to a more fiscally responsible year. One critical expense that many overlook, however, is home maintenance. Home maintenance may concern replacing old gutters or fixing the back patio, but you might also want to consider hidden variables such as mold. Mold damage can affect Atlanta homes silently and slowly, wholly hidden from even the most watchful of eyes. As you move into the new year, you may want to vow to keep an eye out for one of America's worst pests.
Remediation of mold damage in Atlanta does not always have to be an excessively costly endeavor. If you catch the infestation early and contact a certified company like SERVPRO to remove it, you may not be liable to pay much at all, even before your insurance is taken into account. The trick lies in catching the colony before it grows too big. Every few months, give your home a check-over to look for signs of mold damage. Indicators may include unusual smells, discoloration on walls and surfaces, and patches of white "fuzz" anywhere in the home. Depending on the size of your home, such a check should take somewhere between fifteen minutes and an hour but could save you thousands in future costs.
If you do find signs of damage, it is always best to seek help sooner rather than later. There is no such thing as waiting out a mold infestation; if mold is allowed to remain undisturbed, it can only grow and spread across your home. Calling SERVPRO as soon as you find the mold growth ensures that the remediation procedure is as short and inexpensive as possible and that the fungus does not spread to other parts of the home.
SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown is ready around the year and around the clock to respond to calls for help in the local community. If you find signs of mold in your home, call us at (404) 835-0200.

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Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Can Rescue Burnt Homes In Atlanta

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

After a fire, Atlanta residents often experience a surreal feeling amid the trauma and shock.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire, Atlanta residents often experience a surreal feeling amid the trauma and shock. Losing so much in such a dramatic and tragic manner can affect families for a very long time. Children experience entirely unfamiliar emotions after a disaster that can leave them confused and saddened.

In Atlanta, many different agencies can assist homeowners, and their families after a fire damages their home. SERVPRO often works with these agencies, so customers receive the help needed to recover quickly. Fire damage affects more than the home – it can also hurt the people who live in the home. Helping families get back on track involves helping in many ways, including helping restore the home's structure, both inside and out.

Removing materials burnt by the fire takes time, but we work quickly. We know our customers want to return home as soon as possible. We aim to minimize the time it takes to clean up a home so restoration work can begin. If boarding up a home can reduce its attractiveness to would-be thieves and vandals, we can provide that service.

We can also pack up belongings and store them at our facility to protect them during the entire restoration process. We often recommend this because cleaning and preparing a home for restoration proceeds much faster in the absence of undamaged items. When they are not present, they cannot be inadvertently damaged.

Firefighters often open the roof during a fire to control the fire or to introduce water to extinguish it inside the home. We tarp these when requested. Protecting your home from future rainfall can help control mold and water damage.

Removing charred materials and disposing of them, so nobody comes across exposed metal pieces, or other sharp objects helps protect homeowners, curious neighbor children, and others. We understand that such events often bring out curious onlookers while work continues and keeping the area clean can reduce the chance of accidents. Another aspect we take seriously is reducing your stress during the entire process. At the end of our work, we want your home to look “like it never even happened,” helping you and your entire family put the catastrophe behind you so you can all enjoy a better future together.

SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown sincerely desires to help your family after fire damage touches your lives. We are locally owned and operated and can help restore your home. Call us now at (404) 835-0200.

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Specialized Services For Atlanta Water Loss

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage from a Sink or Broken Pipe in Atlanta Can Always Count on SERVPRO for Restoration and Cleanup

Professional Water Restoration Has Many Levels of Options

The harm done to building structures and contents varies in its intensity and requires a variety of different strategies to resolve. If all articles, surfaces, and materials are not completely dried, you run an almost certain risk of secondary damage such as mold growth or disintegration of materials like drywall. Our comprehensively trained crews manage just about every water loss circumstance imaginable.
A frustrating and devastating consequence of water damage in an Atlanta office or storage area is the soaking of papers and documents. A homeowner’s first impulse may be to dispose of all the wet records, pictures, and paperwork. The likelihood of restoring these types of items may seem very remote to a layperson. Our technicians have the resources to dry many of these articles using advanced technologies and the training received from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). This service is a great relief to our customers who may never have heard that effective methodologies exist to dry and preserve otherwise irreplaceable items.
The techniques used to halt the damage water does to paper, and paper-like products include vacuum freeze-drying and gamma irradiation to sterilize items saturated with contaminated water. Deodorization is also an option. HIPPA Master-certified individuals provide these services, with the added peace of mind of 24-hour surveillance for the security of sensitive documents. SERVPRO employs the same steps used by the Library of Congress and approved by the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) and the General Service Administration (GSA). Your valuable papers are in good hands.
An additional service SERVPRO offers is the digitization of your essential documents and treasured pictures and family records. This option is available before a disaster or after we complete the freeze-drying, sanitizing, and deodorizing so that you have a second copy of items nearly lost to water damage.
The list of articles that profit from our document restoration services includes papers, books and magazines, manuscripts and files, parchment, blueprints, and maps. Photographs, film, negatives, microfiche, and x-rays all can be saved in digital form. Your important documents and memories are safe from water and fire when you take this opportunity.
SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown has the answer for all your water damage needs. Consult with us at (404) 835-0200 to review the options available to save your documents and keep them secure into the future.

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