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Who to Call For Water Seeping Up Through the Floor

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

water damage seeping through wood flooring planks We offer advanced water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment!

Some Water Damages Can Go Unnoticed for Months 

Water seepage can cause immeasurable damage to your house, especially if you have hardwood flooring. It can cause the floors to swell up and become uneven, causing severe wear and tear to not only the structure of your house but also its contents. Luckily for you, SERVPRO is a water damage repair company and has been the go-to water restoration company since 1967.  

Water damages come in various forms, and many of these tend to go unnoticed for months. A lone leaking pipe, water damage in the basement, or water through window sills are common examples of damage that may not stir immediate attention. If these problems go unnoticed for too long, more severe problems will arise. It’s necessary to do a regular check of your house to ensure that your home does not have any water damages.

Water seeping up through the floor

Water seeping through the floor needs immediate attention. After all, no one wants their beautiful home to be damaged at the hands of unwanted water.  

If you notice signs of water damage on your home’s floors, then the first thing to do is give SERVPRO a call. SERVPRO knows the appropriate steps to take care of your water damage situation. Before the water damage professionals arrive, you should try to locate the water entry source and contain it as much as possible. 

4 signs of water damage

Pinpointing the existence of water damage is not always easy since its signs come in several different forms. Four of the most common signs include:

1) Spotting

Patches of water stains on ceilings and walls are telltale signs of water damage, especially when the stains are wet and dark. 

2) Wall Damage

Cracking or bubbling paint is also a precursor of water damage as this indicates water pooling up within the walls and resulting in a weakened wall coat

3) High Water Bills

If you’ve experienced a sudden rise in your water bill, then this is reason enough to check for water damage as this could indicate an overlooked leak

4) Damp Smell

Water damage leads to dampness, and dampness has a very noticeable smell, particularly if it accumulates in an enclosed space. So, if you notice a damp or moldy odor coming from your home, then it’s best to get it checked for water damage

What does floor damage due to water look like?

How water damage physically affects your floors will differ depending on the type of floor that you have. Although floor damage by water can happen to any kind of flooring, it is most prone to hardwood flooring. 

There are some telling signs to look for to spot water damage on hardwood floors, such as: 

  • Buckling– separation of the upper layer of the floor from the subfloor
  • Change in Color– any new color formations on your floor, including dark patches, can be a result of growing mold
  • Smell– unpleasant odors are often due to pooling water and mold
  • Crowning– shrinking of the floor caused by a lack of moisture
  • Warping– the appearance of bubbles and cracks in the floor  

As for carpeted and tiled floors, water damage will appear as water seeping through the floor and cause pooling. 

Ways water can enter the home

When looking at water damage and repair, it’s imperative to know how water can enter your home in the first place. After all, if you know the source of entry, then prevention is more effective. 

Here are some common ways water enters the home: 

  • Foundation Cracks– this takes place on the basement floor where excessive pressure pushes up water to the surface
  • Window Sills– if your house is exposed to excessive moisture levels, this may cause water to accumulate in the window sills. Water from window sills can then seep down to the basement and effect flooring and walls 
  • Foundation Footer– if there is a gap left between the footer and its adjoining surface, then this can act as an entryway for water

SERVPRO can restore water damage to flooring

If you’re experiencing water damage to your home, then there’s only one thing to do: call SERVPRO of Downtown Atlanta. Masters at going about water damage repair, they will have your home back to new instantly. 

With their IICRC trained team of water restoration experts and 24/7 availability, SERVPRO is the perfect choice for all your home water restoration needs. Once you get in touch with them, they’ll guide you about how to prevent further damage as they rush to the scene.

And the best part is that their service is 100% reliable as they use state-of-the-art equipment to restore any area, no matter the size.

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