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The Best Graffiti Removal Techniques

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

Atlanta Graffiti damage  Our staff will remove any damage or graffiti damage to your property

There are plenty of talented graffiti artists in Atlanta, but it seems like 70% of the time, graffiti is trash vandalism. If your Atlanta property has recently been "tagged,” do the following Graffiti Removal Strategies and Techniques:

When our SERVPRO professionals get the call to clean up a vandalism job, we must inspect the property to ensure there is no other significant damage. We have to examine the materials used, and the surfaces, to make sure we are using the proper equipment needed to remove the vandalism properly. 

Is the damage Permanent?

First off, our professionals will determine whether the graffiti was done with permanent agents like paint. We have seen some graffiti agents that are made to wash off with water or a pressure washer. A permanent graffiti art piece will need a more robust solution and labor hours.

Different Strategies for Different Surfaces 

Different kinds of surfaces require different graffiti cleaning strategies. The two surfaces that vandalism typically affect are smooth and rough.

Smooth Surfaces

Removing graffiti is a little easier on smooth surfaces like metal and glass. If you are looking to try to do this yourself, we recommend testing the area with soap and water. If you can see the paint beginning to come off, you know that there is no need to purchase any harsher cleaners. A rag with elbow grease should be enough. Continue to scrub with cleaner until the vandalism has been completely removed.

Rough Surfaces

Rough surfaces are a common target for graffiti artists. The artists like these materials because of the space on sides of the building, especially when it is bricks or cinder block types of materials. A recurring issue that we have found is that when the permanent paint has been removed, an ugly blotch remains on the damaged surface, leaving evidence of vandalism. If your property is left with visible damage, we recommend hiring a company that can paint over it. 

SERVPRO Solvents and Cleaners for Removing Graffiti

In the case that a Graffiti job is too tough to remove on your own, consider hiring our certified professionals to use commercial-grade graffiti removers for tough jobs. We follow all safety measures to keep our professionals safe and your employees. For starters, we equip our staff with respirators and make sure that the areas are well-ventilated. 

Due to the chemicals needed to remove graffiti being highly flammable, eye and respiratory protection are also required. In case of an emergency, all of our professionals have a first aid kit in their SERVPRO trucks. Safety is our top priority!

Graffiti Removal Tips and Brushes 

Please remember that you have a better chance of removing all of the paint if you find the vandalism before the paint is dry. Graffiti will get more challenging to remove as it dries. When you call us, we will use wire brushes, and SERVPRO approved chemicals to remove the damage. Brushes and cleaners are ideal for use on sidewalks and curbs, telephone pools, wooden fences, and smooth stone or brick surfaces.

Closing Thoughts 

Graffiti removal can be costly and time-consuming. It’s usually not as easy as a quick cleaning. However, SERVPRO Atlanta's fast response team is your most effective way to restore your wall, fence, or other property to its original pre-damage appearance. Your property is your most valuable asset. Our team is available 24/7 to help resolve any graffiti damage "Like it never even happened." Call us today at (404) 835-0200.

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