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How to Clean Water Damaged Furniture

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged couch A piece of furniture that has been damaged by black water needs to be thrown out.

Depending on the type of water damage, your furniture may or may not be salvageable

When it comes to salvaging the water damaged furniture, it is only the type of water damage that can explain whether your furniture will possibly survive the flood. Salvaging the water damaged furniture must be thoroughly examined before moving forward. The category of water that caused the damage plays a significant role. There are various categories and sources of water leakage, all leaving different impacts. You can sometimes clean water damaged furniture, but it might be worth replacing it in most cases. 

Types of water damages

Whether you own a home or a property, water damage is a serious calamity that needs immediate mitigation and repairs. Here are the three different kinds of water damage that you may face:

Clean water- is the kind of water damage that possesses a lower potential risk as it typically comes from your plumbing system's supply lines. It is the overflowed water due to damaged pipes and is toxin-free. It poses no threat to your health at all. 

Greywater- this is minimally contaminated water that might include some chemicals or toxins in it. It is the overflowed water from your toilets or washing machine, which may or may not be harmful. 

Blackwater- this is the most extreme kind of water damage. This water typically contains toxins causing all damaged furniture to be non-salvageable. Sewage water, groundwater, or seawater are typical examples of black water. Blackwater damaged furniture must be removed from the property immediately. 

What kind of water damaged furniture can be cleaned? 

Water damaged furniture is impossible to clean when the damage is categorized as black or greywater. It is best to always throw out pieces of furniture that have been severely damaged by black and greywater. On the contrary, if you experience clean water damage, your furniture can be cleaned when dried in a short time frame.  

Did you know that furniture made up of solid wood is more likely to be salvaged than upholstered furniture?

Upholstery is challenging to clean up, but you can kill most bacteria or germs by treating it with high-temperature water and an antimicrobial solution. Once it has been professionally treated, it must be dried or appropriately humidified to remove all unwanted moisture.

Water will quickly penetrate the wood and cause harm to wood furniture. In the case that wood furniture has soaked in the water for days, it will become unsalvageable. Wood furniture will need to be professionally analyzed, so the best course of action can occur to clean the water damaged furniture. 

Mattresses are pieces of furniture that absorb water very quickly and can provide a home for mold and bacteria to grow. If the mattress has not been subjected to flooding for an extended period, you might as well throw it out because of the high level of contamination. 

2 DIY steps to drying wooden furniture

Water damaged furniture can be difficult to salvage, and when it comes to wooden furniture, it needs extra care. To properly recover your wooden furniture, you need to follow these set of steps: 

1) Dry the furniture

The first thing to do is dry the water damaged furniture thoroughly by exposing it to the sun. 

2) Use a sander

Wood furniture that has undergone water damage may splinter. If splintering occurs, you can use a sander after drying to give the furniture a smooth finish.

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