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Safety for Fire Damage Cleanup in Your Atlanta Home

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

It is important to store items like gasoline, turpentine, and paint thinner properly to prevent fire damage.

SERVPRO Puts Safety First after Fire Damage in Your Home

If you store flammable liquids in your Atlanta home’s garage such as turpentine, gasoline, or paint thinner, they can be dangerous if not stored properly. Gasoline alone starts around eight thousand house fires each year. A reason this happens is that it is often stored incorrectly in the garage. For instance, when stored in a glass jar with a metal lid, the lid can create a spark if the jar falls off the shelf.

Flammable liquids in your Atlanta home should always be stored at room temperature away from any heat sources in the proper containers. If you have suffered a fire and fire damage from one of these catching fire, however, you want to get the damage taken care of as quickly as possible once the fire is out. Our SERVPRO staff can assist you in cleaning and repairing your home, as we are professionally trained to do so.

Many times, fires cause structural damage to buildings, which can pose safety hazards. We are always cautious of falling or loose debris and watch for damaged structural components which could cause puncture wounds. We wear work safety boots and hard hats for added protection when inspecting your home after a fire. We also keep you and your family out until we ensure that it is safe. Warnings of potential risks are made known with barrier tape and signs.

SERVPRO staff also need to be aware of trip, slip, and fall hazards. Most of these accidents can be prevented by following some simple measures. We inspect your home for potential slippery surfaces and tripping obstacles. Wet floors from putting out the fire can be slippery, or a dry floor can be hazardous if a surface nearby is wet.

Structures which are damaged by fire can present different trip and fall hazards. Walkways, floors, and aisles should be kept clean, dry, and free of any protruding splinters, nails, holes, loose boards, or projections. Holes in the floor are covered as well.

SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown ensures that you and our workers are safe while we are restoring your home in Centennial Place, Mechanicsville, or Reynoldstown after fire damage. Reach out to us right away at (404) 835-0200 once the fire is out so we can begin helping you.

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The Lingering Effects of Fire Damage in Your Atlanta Home

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Even a small house fire can leave lingering effects requiring professional restoration services.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Return Your Home to its Pre-Loss Condition

Your Atlanta home might not be devastated by the recent fire, but there are still going to be lingering symptoms that make it difficult to live comfortably. With so many things that could hinder your family from moving on from the panic and trauma of the event, professional restoration services become the most expedient and efficient method for resolving the damage quickly and thoroughly. 

When SERVPRO claims to be “Faster to any size disaster,” that is not just a catchphrase used to draw attention. It is a commitment to your Atlanta home’s fire damage and any other need for restorative services that you might have. Our team can walk you through the damage and each step of the total restoration process until every affected aspect of your home gets successfully returned to preloss conditions. 

With even smaller fires, smoke and soot damages are a typical lingering effect. While this might often affect the walls, floors and ceilings of the rooms that experienced the blaze, correcting this problem is often more involved than simple cleaning measures can achieve. Depending on the severity of the present soot and smoke damages, our SERVPRO professionals have the equipment to scrub affected surfaces with a wet solution and without one. This penetrating scrubber can often successfully remove the soot and restore the damage, but more severely damaged areas might only be readied for priming and painting to complete. The same equipment gets used for the contents of your home that have gotten impacted by the smoke and soot as well, such as furniture, carpeting, drapery, and more. 

When people think of fires they might have experienced in their homes in the past, the one thing that people tend to remember is the lingering scent. The noxious odor can make it difficult to stay in your home at all, let alone pass through affected areas. Foggers can get used by our SERVPRO team to alter foul odor molecules and neutralize them on contact chemically. The process leaves no scent in the air after completion and is also effective for fabrics and contents in your home. 

Even a small fire in your home is a big deal to you and your family. Trust our SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown team to help you restore the damage and live comfortably in your house once again. You can reach our experienced emergency response team anytime by calling (404) 835-0200.

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Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Can Rescue Burnt Homes In Atlanta

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

After a fire, Atlanta residents often experience a surreal feeling amid the trauma and shock.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire, Atlanta residents often experience a surreal feeling amid the trauma and shock. Losing so much in such a dramatic and tragic manner can affect families for a very long time. Children experience entirely unfamiliar emotions after a disaster that can leave them confused and saddened.

In Atlanta, many different agencies can assist homeowners, and their families after a fire damages their home. SERVPRO often works with these agencies, so customers receive the help needed to recover quickly. Fire damage affects more than the home – it can also hurt the people who live in the home. Helping families get back on track involves helping in many ways, including helping restore the home's structure, both inside and out.

Removing materials burnt by the fire takes time, but we work quickly. We know our customers want to return home as soon as possible. We aim to minimize the time it takes to clean up a home so restoration work can begin. If boarding up a home can reduce its attractiveness to would-be thieves and vandals, we can provide that service.

We can also pack up belongings and store them at our facility to protect them during the entire restoration process. We often recommend this because cleaning and preparing a home for restoration proceeds much faster in the absence of undamaged items. When they are not present, they cannot be inadvertently damaged.

Firefighters often open the roof during a fire to control the fire or to introduce water to extinguish it inside the home. We tarp these when requested. Protecting your home from future rainfall can help control mold and water damage.

Removing charred materials and disposing of them, so nobody comes across exposed metal pieces, or other sharp objects helps protect homeowners, curious neighbor children, and others. We understand that such events often bring out curious onlookers while work continues and keeping the area clean can reduce the chance of accidents. Another aspect we take seriously is reducing your stress during the entire process. At the end of our work, we want your home to look “like it never even happened,” helping you and your entire family put the catastrophe behind you so you can all enjoy a better future together.

SERVPRO of West Atlanta / Downtown sincerely desires to help your family after fire damage touches your lives. We are locally owned and operated and can help restore your home. Call us now at (404) 835-0200.

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