Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Is The Premiere Provider For Atlanta Storm Damage Repairs

In the before image pictured, you can see that an Atlanta home underwent damage after a tree fell on the siding after a storm passed. The homeowner and their fa... READ MORE

A Malfunctioning Sump Pump Can Cause Severe Water Damage after A Storm

A faulty sump pump can cause severe damage to water damage to your home the next time storm damage occurs. We let tell all of our Atlanta homeowners to make sur... READ MORE

Atlanta Home Basement Restored After Storm Damage

Basements are typically the first to receive the water damage when heavy rainfalls hit Atlanta. The reason that basements are more susceptible to water damage o... READ MORE

Atlanta SERVPRO are Storm Damage Restorers

There are times where extreme conditions cause damage to our homes. These conditions can include heavy winds that cause trees to fall. In this image, you can se... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Small Office Suite in Atlanta

Storm-driven water inundated this commercial building in Atlanta. The pooling liquid needed quick removal to mitigate secondary water damage to the baseboards a... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Atlanta Home

Storm damage struck this Atlanta home when rainwater from a driving thunderstorm penetrated the wood-framed structure. There was significant water damage to the... READ MORE