Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO technician in PPE

Protective Equipment Is Necessary For Sewage Water Restoration

The above image shows one of our IICRC trained technicians in their PPE. The reason that crew as wearing their protective gear was because they were dealing with intense mold clean up job. To keep their skin and lungs safe, our cleaning crews all must wear their PPE’s.

Commercial water damage

SERVPRO of Downtown Atlanta Takes Commercial Water Damage Safety Seriously

Commercial water damage happens in three different classes. The water damage that is pictured was a category three loss that occurred due to a sewage line backing up. During a Category three-loss, our Atlanta water clean up professionals must be in their protective gear to avoid being exposed to any pathogens that may be in the air. Category three water damage often happens in Atlanta; our goal is to respond quickly and have the commercial building up and running within a week.

Moisture meter in use

Atlanta Bathroom Water Damage Repair

Most times, water damage in Atlanta homes happens due to a family member forgetting about a tub or sink, causing it to overflow. If your home suffers from water damage, it is essential to call our Atlanta water damage team as soon as possible. The biggest mistake a homeowner makes is to try and dry out the wet materials themselves. A trained IICRC professional can make sure that your home is dry, avoiding the common potential of mold growth.

SERVPRO drying equipment

SERVPRO of Downtown Atlanta Knows The Top Drying Techniques

Our SERVPRO professionals know the importance of understanding the most optimal drying techniques when arriving at a home that has suffered from water damage. Each one of our technicians has gone through extensive training through the IICRC to be water restoration specialists. We want to make sure that your home or business is back up in the running in the shortest time possible. We pride ourselves on our quick response times when we receive a water damage call.

Water Damage – Atlanta Home

Water Damage to the hardwood flooring in this Atlanta home resulted from leaking water. Professionals placement of commercial air movers and dehumidifiers could be used to salvage the flooring and avoid replacement. The subflooring would need to be checked for moisture accumulation also.

Atlanta Water Damaged Ceiling

If a leak damages your ceiling, after the source is fixed, calling SERVPRO can expedite the water and non-salvageable removal of soaked building materials. Skilled WRT water damage restoration technicians have the skills and the equipment to restore your property to its preloss condition.